Rick Owens and his faun.

On the eve of Rick Owens’ Spring-Summer collections 2015 (for men and women) hitting stores, I discovered a change to his website’s landing page; a kind of synopsis on how the collection was influenced and came about.

If you didn’t already know, you will soon come to realise that Rick Owens is my favourite designer. He taps into a very personal part of me and his creations feel as if they were made  with me in mind. A very rare kind of appreciation I assure you. The new landing page is typical of Mr Owens and why I adore him so. There is a kind of intimacy that you don’t often find with other fashion houses. The fact that the man designs every piece himself, sans design team, even sees to production himself, reinforces my opinion that Rick Owens is more of an artist with his art, which is what I believe Fashion should be…

Here is the new landing page, along with images from the collection.


Rick Owens Faun

_ARC0008.1366x2048 _ARC0479.1366x2048 _ARC0422.1366x2048 _ARC0405.1366x2048 _ARC0347.1366x2048 _ARC0084.1366x2048

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