James Rhodes, I am shocked to the core.


I have literally just heard about James Rhodes, and I am actually crying tears. He was my introduction into contemporary piano music (and a fair bit of classical too), and I listen to his work, I kid you not, at least twenty minutes a day.What happened to him is horrific to put it lightly, I can’t even begin to fathom the agony. It feels so awful in a way because I have this intimacy with his music. He has my full support at this time, and I believe it is his right to have his story told.  I mean, MULTIPLE SURGERIES. So so fucked up.

The Guardian covers the Pianist’s freedom of expression.



I think producers and artists at the top of their game in House and Techno should be flattered that electronic dance music has finally gone mainstream. DJs should refrain from berating ‘EDM’, dance-pop and other examples of electronic music in popular culture. It is snobbery for snobbery’s sake. Without grounds.
All good and great forms of any art trickle down eventually and it is a natural process in our society. Look at Haute Couture thru Pret a Porter thru High Street. It is a homage and a compliment.
I am more surprised that it has taken this long to become a ‘thing’, even if it isn’t the first time Electronica has come into focus (at least once a decade since the 70s by my calculation).
If it’s a matter of taste then it’s a question of grace, it is crass to overtly criticise anything that isn’t to your liking. Especially when it comes across as being your ticket onto a bandwagon….